Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Starting ballet

I started ballet 24 years old! Haha, but it's just for fun.

MMmmm k that's a lie. It's for fun, something to keep me more occupied and less depressed...and because ED wants the anorexia back and I find ballet triggering.

But I enjoyed feeling graceful tonight or at least ATTEMPTING to be graceful.

10 years of Scottish Highland dancing does not prepare you for ballet except for balance and endurance, both of which I lost from not having done Scottish dancing for 8 years.

Practice, practice, practice

Yes, still raw vegan for the most part. Some occasional bites of candy at work.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the days are a blur

yesterday I ate an orange for breakfast, half of a raw vegan bar and an apple for lunch, the rest of the bar and another apple after work, and then later that night I made 2 bowls of salad and then ANOTHER bowl and this time added dressing...then I ate 6 English muffins and chocolate light soymilk...puked.

Nothing better tasting than spinach and chocolate light soymilk on its second time 'round. SICK.

today I've had 3 oranges and 1 peanut m&m. I'm tired and annoyed from work. I might just go to bed.