Thursday, October 13, 2011

Someone slap me!!

I am doing pretty well. I probably should have posted that about a month ago when I was doing even better.

Isn't it funny how you don't always notice when you're doing well, but as soon as you start to struggle, you hit up the blog? Well I do that, anyway...

I'm stressed. I was working 60 hours/wk but had to leave work to go back to grad school full time. Currently I am taking a full course load in graduate school, working two part time jobs, and I have a boyfriend.

Back to stress...I have 13 more papers to write in the next few weeks (one being 45% of the grade and 25 pages long...), 3 more presentations, and a final exam. I've already written several papers and done 2 presentations. One paper I'm working on requires getting 8 hours of experience related to the topic before writing. Next May I start my field education (internship) in addition to having classes and working. I'm planning on moving back home so I can commute to classes (condense them to 2 days/wk), and internship at home so I can be closer to family and my boyfriend. I miss them very much.

My two new jobs are teaching English to Korean students over the phone and working as an eating disorder consultant for a non profit organization that provides resources and hope to those struggling with eating disorders.


and depressed! I think this is all making me very depressed, or there's a chemical component too. I've lost my appetite (not good for me), and I have that feeling of indifference and hopelessness that I remember from before. I'm trying to turn to healthy coping mechanisms (running, venting on the phone, getting some me-time), but those all take up precious minutes of the day that I can't afford to give anymore or I'll be even more stressed!