Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The door to anorexia is never closed, but you can learn to take other doors EACH and EVERY time anorexia knocks. I'm finding other doors.

I still struggle with purging, but restricting is minimized and overexercising is a joke right now (I haven't exercised in a LONG time...unless you count 10 hour shifts where you're standing and doing moderate work)...I do need to exercise, but for health, not weight loss. I find it hard to focus on that and I find exercise, particularly running, extremely addictive and I don't want to spiral down.

I'm in a pretty good spot. We'll see where March takes me.


Agridulce said...

querida, Yo no te conozco, pero quería hacerte saber que en alguna parte del mundo (venezuela) una niña de 16 años, con ED, vio tu cuenta de twitter ... y bueno he leído y traducido tus vivencias, y entiendo lo que te pasa ... recibe mucho cariño de parte de esta "niña" que te desea mucha fuerza y felicidad. abrazos y besos. Agridulce

traducción del español al inglés

dear, I do not know you, but I wanted to let you know that somewhere in the world (Venezuela) a girl of 16 years, with ED, saw your twitter account ... and well I read and translated your experiences, and I understand what you get ... received much love from this "girl" you want a lot of strength and happiness. hugs and kisses. ♥Bittersweet

A is for... said...

Muchas gracias...no hablo español bien pero adoro el idioma. Espero que esté bien...desórdenes alimenticios son muy difíciles. Cuídate, por favor. <3