Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dog Stew

Did I mention I teach English to South Koreans over the phone?

The textbook was developed by Koreans.
Situation I was to read out loud to my student today:
"Your mom said that it would be rain. And actually it's raining now. Tell your friend that it is raining and your mom mentioned it already."


Best part is the instructions: "Read to student as is in textbook"
They must have had people changing the questions a bit...well DUH! I love when my students point out the incorrect grammar of a question and I'm like, "Yes, I know. But I am paid to read incorrect grammar out loud to you, so.."

Okay, they don't point it out. But if they did, I could say, "See! They tricked you into learning something!"

Oh, and another student talked about eating dog today. In a stew. I had an urge to cover my ears with my elbows, scrunch up my face, and run around the room yelling, "CAN'T HEAR YOU! CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

I have an exam today: SW 622 Psychopathology & Social Deviance and tomorrow: SW 690 Social Research.
Wish me luck...especially for tomorrow. A series of unfortunate events may have led that professor to not be in favor of me.

Stress: increasing. Last semester the stress was terrible, and I almost relapsed. Let's not do that again..mmmK?

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