Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dick status confirmed.

Yep, I'm a dick (see March 5th's post).

I had a bad feeling about my grandma's chest pains so I, in my grandma's words, "tattled" on her to my mom. While her chest pains were not likely a result of me stressing her out, I still felt like a, well, you know... My mother proceeded to come and take her to the doctor for a checkup, where she had an EKG that appeared abnormal.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur.

I was finishing up working at my grandma's apartment as my mom called to tell me she was taking her to the ER as recommended. An already incredibly stressful day, struggling with depression, my emotions began spilling over. I must have tried to put my facial tinted lotion on 3 times before I realized it was an exercise in futility. Lotion-less streaks running down my face, I grabbed my things and flew out the door.

My grandma means everything to me.

My mother urged me to calm down and go home as she seemed fine and I wouldn't be able to help or anything. I decided maybe that was best, but to calm down before driving I decided to go tanning and do deep breathing. Slightly calmer and a little sweatier, I decided I still wanted to be there for her and now was in a right mind to make that decision.

Usually an excellent driver, I drove like an idiot. The closer I got, the more idiotic. My thinking became clouded and as I approached the ER, I thought, wait, I don't want to follow the ER signs the WHOLE way because that's for people getting dropped off at the ER, not parking, right? Wrong. There is a lot. So I made life slightly more difficult by parking in an outpatient lot and proceeding to ask where I could find my grandma.

"She complained of chest pain and had an abnormal EKG and they suggested we bring her to the ER and so my mom brought her and I didn't know where they would--" 
"She's in the ER. Room 31."

I swear, lady, I'm not always an idiot.

5 hours later, she was fine and discharged with a recommendation for daily aspirin, which she initially refused, but that's another blog.

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